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How Cyber Communications Inc. (CCI) Transformed Their Advertising Platform Business Using TROCCO

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Company: Cyber Communications Inc. (CCI)
Industry: Advertising and Information Services
Business Areas:

  1. Partner Sales (Media Rep, Ad Sales, Solution Provision)
  2. Ad Platform Business (Development and Provision of Ad Platforms centered around proprietary products)

Key Person: Mr. Sato

Technologies Used:

  • BigQuery
  • S3
  • Snowflake


In August 2019, CCI launched a collaboration with the data integration serviceTROCCO for their DataCurrent service. DataCurrent focuses on building marketing systems and data analysis infrastructures, aiming to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs through this collaboration.

Challenges and Goals

Key Challenges:

  1. Long Lead Times: The lead time from data extraction requests to output was excessively long.
  2. High Human Costs: The process required significant manpower, impacting efficiency.
  3. Impact on Decision Making: Slow data analysis affected timely business decisions and event planning.


  1. Streamlined Data Collection: Enable smooth data collection across group companies.
  2. Efficient Data Analysis: Build and operate a data analysis platform without increasing the number of data engineers.
  3. Support Business Decisions: Provide comprehensive data views to support group-wide management decisions.

DataCurrent: Strategic Implementation

DataCurrent's Role: DataCurrent is a data consulting service aimed at media companies and advertisers. The service leverages clients' data assets alongside CCI's 2nd and 3rd Party Data to solve various marketing challenges and contribute to business success. Key offerings include:

  • Data infrastructure construction
  • Communication planning from ad delivery to operation and effectiveness verification
  • Data analysis using machine learning and deep learning
  • Customer understanding and communication using CCI's data
  • Site analysis, social listening, and large-scale data analytics
  • Online privacy management services

Team Structure: The Data Solutions Division comprises approximately 100 members, with responsibilities ranging from site construction to social media operations and digital marketing system development. Sato is primarily involved in planning, sourcing, developing, and supporting the operation of data infrastructure and utilization products.

Addressing the Challenges

Initial Setup and Challenges: Prior to implementingTROCCO, CCI faced challenges with their dispersed data systems and the inefficiencies of managing large data volumes. The traditional methods were inadequate for the evolving demands of big data, leading to the need for a more integrated and efficient data management solution.

Strategic Approach: To address these challenges, CCI sought a solution that could:

  • Reduce reliance on data engineers for routine tasks
  • Enable non-technical staff to manage data operations
  • Streamline data integration and analytics processes

Selection ofTROCCO

Evaluation and Trial: CCI evaluated multiple ETL services, considering their compatibility with existing Google Cloud tools. The decision to adoptTROCCO was based on its GUI-based operation, which allowed even non-technical staff to handle data tasks efficiently. A three-month trial confirmed thatTROCCO could meet their needs without extensive engineering resources.

Key Benefits:

  • Resource Optimization:TROCCO freed up resources equivalent to three data engineers by automating data import/export tasks.
  • Improved Efficiency: Ad hoc data requests were handled more swiftly, enabling quicker responses to business needs.
  • Scalability: The tool facilitated seamless integration of various data sources, supporting ongoing and future projects.

Implementation and Impact

Operational Improvements:TROCCO was used to import/export data across several platforms like BigQuery, Treasure Data, Google Cloud Storage, and Amazon S3. This integration streamlined data workflows, significantly reducing the time required for data operations.

Key Results:

  • Cost Savings: Reduced implementation and operational costs allowed for budget reallocation to critical areas like security.
  • Enhanced Data Management: Improved data quality and utilization through efficient data handling and reduced lead times.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Enabled the integration of additional data sources and tools as needed.

Future Prospects

Expansion Plans: CCI aims to enhance their data-driven strategies by:

  • Further integrating data sources, including offline data, to provide comprehensive insights.
  • Leveraging data insights for new IP developments and enhanced marketing strategies.

Continued Use ofTROCCO: CCI plans to continue usingTROCCO to reduce the burden on data engineers and improve the efficiency of their data operations, meeting the evolving demands of their clients and the market.


By implementingTROCCO, Cyber Communications Inc. successfully optimized their data analysis processes, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced their ability to deliver data-driven insights. This initiative not only streamlined their current operations but also positioned them to better respond to future data challenges and opportunities.

TROCCO is trusted partner and certified with several Hyper Scalers