3 man months plus 30% increase in CVR using TROCCO.

In this article, we present an overview of how Dentsu Digital is leveraging Trocco to address the marketing and analytics needs of its customers. Dentsu Digital Inc., Solution Architect Division, Data Integration Group

Mr. Kazuki So

Mr. So has participated inweb system development and overseas ERP implementation projects within theinformation systems department of a major system integrator and businesscompany. After serving as a system engineer and project leader, he took up his currentrole. He is now involved in project promotion and consulting support for thedeployment of marketing solutions such as Marketing Automation (MA), CustomerRelationship Management (CRM), and Data Management Platforms (DMP). He alsoactively participates in collaborative solution development tailored tocustomer needs.

Challenges Faced

Background of Introducing Trocco®

Recently, as the variety and volume of data continue to grow, a significant amount of time is often dedicated to collecting and preprocessing this dispersed data before analysis.

Mr. So: In our company, the demand for constructing marketing platforms from client companies is growing daily. When building each marketing platform, several issues arise:

  • There is a desire to use a multitude of tools in the most effective combination.
  • It is necessary to connect data sources such as core systems owned by companies with marketing platforms.
  • There is a need to quickly link data and initiate the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.
  • A goal is set to reduce costs and labor hours.

Objective of the Initiative

Have you considered introducing Trocco® to solve these problems?

Mr. So: We heard from field personnel who were eager to begin utilizing the PDCA cycle for certaintool-coordinated measures, and we were contemplating a proof of concept (PoC)for Trocco®. However, due to the lack of budget for a full-scale marketing platform build, we began using Trocco® as a means to quickly link data while still harnessing the tools' best features.

Solution: Introduction of trocco®

Issues Solved with Trocco®

What kinds of initiatives are you actually pursuing?

Mr. So: We are currently using our company's environment as a PoC to utilize web log data, moving it into Amazon's S3 environment, and initiating the following actions to see if we can take proactive measures:

  • Storing site web logs inGoogle Analytics 360.
  • Transferring the stored datato AWS for time series prediction.

If you manage the data movement to AWS manually, you would typically use a function like Cloud Composer to create a job that transfers data from Google Analytics 360 (BigQuery) to Amazon (S3). This would also necessitate regular maintenance and monitoring, which can be labor-intensive.

Therefore, we utilized Trocco® to transfer data from Google Analytics 360 to AWS S3 and for time series forecasting with Amazon Forecast. By introducing Trocco®, we significantly shortened the lead time for implementing measures and established a low-cost architecture that leverages the strengths of each solution.

The processed web log data is integrated with the AWS S3 environment and used for Amazon Forecast's time series forecasting, optimizing web measures according to the predicted site traffic. This setup enables us to digitize strategies and systems, such as access distribution using a load balancer, leading to a reduction in necessary development and operational costs like server monitoring.

Implementation Process

Post-Implementation Effects

Future Prospects

TROCCO is trusted partner and certified with several Hyper Scalers